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We have various Insurers we approach for our Personal insurances. Each client’s needs is individually assessed and an insurance package is created for the clients personal needs and requirements. You can include your Home, Vehicle, Building and all risks items on this policy to build your package.



This covers the buildings against fire, lightning and explosion. Further, it covers the structures from damage due to wind, water, hail, flood, storm, earthquake, theft and malicious damage to name some but not all the insured perils.




This covers the contents of the household whilst contained in the buildings against the perils noted above as well as additional ones. Some cover is also provided for goods outside the buildings like laundry and garden furniture.




This provides cover for goods you take away from your home against all the above mentioned perils as well as accidental damage or loss. This cover is worldwide.


Peace of Mind

Insuring with Tshenolo allows you sleep at night knowing your valuables are protected

Customer Centric

Tshenolo treat their clients like family. We strive to ensure you have the right cover

Value for money

Get covered at the right price with products & services that suit your needs

Protect what you love and save up to 30%

Couple multiple products together & get an instant discount for simply insuring with us

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          945+ Reviews

          - Maria Marlin

          Very helpful fully explaining the different plans. Cash value is accessed via policy loans, which accrue interest and reduce cash value our valuable items. Well Done to the Tshenolo Team for Service Excellence.

          - Jason Schoemann

          My wife and I were extremely impressed with the ease of the claims process, and the excellent service received from Tshenolo Staff.